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Current Donation Goals

Donations - PayPal

This site is up for renewal. Honestly, I have been debating on closing it down completely. Donations have been very far and few between. We are talking less than $25 per month... There just isn't enough motivation to keep things running out of my own pocket. If you enjoy this site and want to help keep it open and running, please help out a bit.

If you can't help out monetarily; please help out with providing new and exciting content.  

Also, keep in mind to "Tip" our content authors when downloading their files to help encourage further development!

Thanks to Facebook Groups Visual Pinball Addicts and Visual Pinball Junkies we have surpassed our goal for now. This is an on-going battle when running a site such as this.

Donating Members will be getting some special perks as we re-build the site. Perks for donating may include the following:
* Removal of Ads - Some special vendor ads may still appear, but none of the Google ads or other ads will appear.
* Special Sections of the site - Private discussion & support areas.
* More to come

Raised $946.01

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